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Sleepwithme - Her Story

15+ years ago, I absentmindedly hung a big beautiful mirror next to the side of my bed, nothing worse than rolling over one morning to catch a glimpse of my face with my pillow smashing wrinkles into the side of it- deep lines and wrinkles it was creating just by laying on it – I was 30 looking like 50! I literally shot out of bed… right then and there I cut up my own pillow. Thinking others might be as "Vanity Aware", I made a few samples. I was set, others just like me will love this face saver...But life got busy: baby/husband/work/ everything else. Until fast forward a decade+ later and… one wrong move in a bootcamp workout led to a burst cervical vertebrae disc, and overnight my right arm was paralyzed from a dead nerve. So what started as a “Vanity” Pillow suddenly became a necessity for me. It took artificial disc replacement surgery and over a year to get my arm back … it wasn’t just vanity I needed my custom pillow for anymore, but quite literally, saving my own neck.

-Jennifer Baeseman, Founder

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