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Top Dermatologists Recommended Anti-Aging Pillow
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FAQ - Anti Age Beauty Sleep Pillow & Acne Pillowcases

What Makes SLEEPWITHME Pillows So Much Better Than Other Memory Foam Pillows?

We created a patented designed pillow, with the help of top dermatologists, neck and back specialists and a chiropractic design to ensure the correct support for alignment and keep pillow pressure off your face. Sleep lines from other pillows over time can be permanent. Laugh lines and aging gracefully are what we strive for but pillow induced lines not so much. We also use CertiPur US certified foam so it is safe and harmless to you and the environment. As well as other unique enhancements to keep you cool when you sleep.

Not Sure Whether I Should Order A Standard Height SLEEPWITHME Pillow Or The Low Profile?

If you typically prefer a flat or lower loft pillow then choose the LOW Profile, if prefer a higher loft or a high full fluffy or super firm pillow then choose one of our Standard Pillows (the Original or the ChillOut).

What Pillow Should I Choose If I Sleep On My Back And Side?

Given the different densities of the SLEEPWITHME. pillows, it depends on your preference for firm or soft pillow support. Both will offer support but if you are used to a flat or feather down pillow then choose our softest pillow ‘The “Down” ChillOut Pillow’. If you like firm support then go with either our traditional Original SLEEPWITHME. Pillow or The ChillOut Pillow. All of our pillows offer two different pillow support heights- approx 4.5” - 3.75 “, so flip it around and see what feels best.

If you typically sleep warm or hot (or if uh hem, going though some stuff) choose one of our ChillOut pillows with Cooling Gel infused, it’ll take the edge off. Add an 100% Mulberry Pillowcase for an even cooler sleep.

Where Do SLEEPWITHME Products Come From?

All orders are ship within 2-3 days via UPS or USPS. Shipping times are a little dependent on carriers these days but typically 1-4 days in transit before your Sleepwithme products arrive at your door depending on your location from California.

When Will My Product Ship?

We work with our own manufacturers all over the world, US, Asia and Europe. All of our products are designed in and shipped from Northern California.

My Order Is A Gift, Will Pricing Information Be Included In The Shipment?

Don't worry, we never include pricing information in any package we ship. And can also include a gift card message in the comments section during check out!

Can I Place Large Order For My (Company, Clients, Employees)?

Yes! To begin this order, please email us directly at And we can set up a custom order for you.

Do You Offer Free Shipping?

No we don't offer free shipping right now, but we do split the cost with you and offer a flat fee of $8 for all purchases for Ground Shipping in the US which is typically 2-5 days. If you are in a hurry and need it sooner, we offer expedited shipping for an additional cost.

We are not currently shipping Internationally, we have heard you and we will keep you posted.

How Long Will It Take Me To Get Used To My Sleepwithme. Pillow ?

If you are a traditional pillow sleeper -- SLEEPWITHME. pillows may seem more firm. SLEEPWITHME. conforms to your head and neck so the support may feel strange at first. Typically, after 2-4 weeks SLEEPWITHME. will feel completely natural. All of our SLEEPWITHME pillows become a little less firm over time. Give us some time, we’re worth the adjustment and will support you forever.

My SLEEPWITHME Pillow Seems Way Too Firm ?

SLEEPWITHME. pillows are temperature sensitive due to the memory foam. If you are just receiving yours and it has been in a cold UPS truck, it will be more firm until the memory foam warms up to room temperature.

How Long Will My Pillow Last?

While regular pillows should be replaced as often as six months due to break down, bacteria and a lot of other yucky stuff, SLEEPWITHME. pillows are made with the highest quality materials, are CertiPUR-US certified and have “longer bed lives “ so you can sleep with us for a few years. But if you want a new pillow every year, join our BeautySleep Tribe and receive $10 off your annual SLEEPWITHME. pillow repeat purchase.

Your SLEEPWITHME. pillow may get softer over time but it will still retain its supportive adaptive nature.

We do have a three-year limited warranty, which guarantees any SLEEPWITHME. pillow due to faulty workmanship: cracks or splitting and irregular deterioration which results in the pillow not springing back to its shape. The color of Memory Foam can and will darken over time, but will not change the functional support of the pillow, change in color is normal.

Can I Wash My Sleepwithme. Pillow?

Memory foam isn’t like traditional pillows, it does not like the washer and dryer, because it’s antimicrobial and hyoallergenic it doesn’t need to be washed. But spills happen, so you can spot clean it with a warm damp cloth and then let it air dry completely before putting it back into the pillowcase. And we encourage you to air your pillow out occasionally--- let it see the light of day!--- light is good for just about everything. But you can wash the Bamboo pillow cover regularly. Warm water/tumble dry medium or save energy & money... line dry it!

Can I Wash My SLEEPWITHME Pillow Bamboo Cover?

Yes. You can wash the Bamboo pillow cover in warm water/tumble dry medium or save energy & money... line dry it!

Can I Wash My SLEEPWITHME Pure Silk Pillowcase?

Yes. To prolong the life of your Silk pillowcase, wash with gentle organic laundry soap in cold water on delicate cycle and lay flat to dry. And don’t throw it into the washer with your jeans or any zippered items! -- I know it seems like common sense but yes, I did this, my pillowcase survived it’s just not good for it .

Is It Common For People To Accidentally Leave Their Pillows In A Hotel Room?

YES!!! We hear this over and over again. ( I did this with countless samples during research.)

USE the SLEEPWITHME. EVERYWHERE Pillow-to-Go Travel Bag (comes with purchase) It’ll help you remember that your pillow goes in it and you won’t leave the hotel room without it. We’re also coming up with some other little nuggets for you to help you remember, stay tuned.

Do You Accept Returns?

Yes we do! Sleep on your SLEEPWITHME. pillow for up to 30 nights. If it turns out you’re not in love with us, go ahead and ship the pillow back in it’s original packaging within 30 days. No questions asked, we get it, it’s a pillow and we all have a little pillow snob in us too. But if you do have a comment for us please include it with your return, we are all about improvement ! We do not accept returns of any of our silk products, we made the pillowcases to fit loosely over our flexible SLEEPWITHME pillows and they fit any Queen or Standard pillow as well.
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