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Top Dermatologists Recommended Anti-Aging Pillow
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Beyond Beauty Sleep - Achieve Beauty from the Inside Out

We are firm believers each one of us is responsible for contributing to being on this planet. We decided to give back to support people and planet. And we invite you in purchasing our products to do the same. We contribute 5% of every pillow purchase to blood cancer research.

The Why… Most of us have been impacted by cancer in our lives. Our founder’s brother was Diagnosed with AML Leukemia this past year, with a very poor prognosis. Without the research that has been done, he would not have survived. It’ll be an ongoing battle, he is in remission and we are beyond grateful. So this is for him and for all of you who have loved ones, friends and family members battling for their lives. Our hope is that we can make a significant contribution each year and keep the progress for fighting this disease moving forward.

We also believe in protecting the Planet we all live on, so we are partnering with nonprofits supporting the protection of our planet, and we are in the process of moving to completely resusable. recycleable product & packaging, we aren’t 100% there yet but will be. We invite you to be part of our BeautySleep Tribe, send in your used SLEEPWITHME. Pillow when you purchase a new one and we’ll not only give you 10$ back but recycle your old pillow to companies in need of shredded memory foam. SLEEPWITHME. and HELP the planet.

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