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Sleep Tips

Sleep Tips

Standard Pillows Linked to Premature Aging

Pillows do so much more than offer comfort as you lie in bed. You may have heard of the physical benefits of pillows, including offering neck and back support. However, many need to be made aware of the beauty perks of using the right pillow. When you rely on standard pillows for sleep, you increase your risk of premature aging. Instead, specialized pillows will help turn back the clock as you rest each night.

Standard pillow effects

Standard pillows used for sleep often fit within the pillow covers that come with your bedding set. Most pillowcases use cotton as the main fabric in manufacturing. Although a cotton pillow sounds innocuous, many skincare experts caution against cotton if you want to slow down the signs of aging and avoid premature fine lines and wrinkles. When you sleep on cotton, the material can catch on the skin. Once stuck in the position, the material doesn’t allow the skin to quickly return to its normal state. The lack of movement can especially prove problematic for those who sleep on their sides with their heads resting directly on a pillow. Repetitive long-term tension on the face will cause wrinkles over time. A sign that your pillow is causing you to age is to look at your face first thing in the morning. Many individuals with standard cotton pillows will see creases on different face areas. You may notice lines on the forehead or diagonal lines running down one or both cheeks. These marks are especially common in those who sleep on their sides and bellies. The good news is that you don’t have to change how you sleep to stop premature aging. Instead, you can look into anti-aging pillows.

How anti-aging pillows help

To prevent wrinkles, many individuals may first try sleeping on their backs. The problem is that most adults change positions during sleep, sometimes as often as 20 times a night. Although you may start on your back, you could easily wake up on your side. Moreover, the majority of adults prefer to sleep on their sides. Specialized anti-aging pillows have a custom design that keeps you in place at night. Instead of ending up on your side, the shape keeps you on your back, preventing your face from coming into contact with the pillow. The contoured shape keeps the head and neck cradled to support your spine while preventing compression of your face against the pillow. Using a pillow with cutouts on the side will also keep pillow pressure off your delicate facial skin in the event you do wind up on your side. The best material inside Anti-Aging pillows includes memory foam, used to support your head and neck shape. Anti-Aging pillows with ventilation and cooling gel infused also maintain a cool temperature, ensuring you remain comfortable to get the sleep you need. The foam also has anti-microbial properties and comes from hypoallergenic materials. Anti-aging pillows can last a long time and will only get more comfortable as they conform to your body shape.

Choosing a suitable pillowcase material

Since cotton has proven detrimental to the skin, you want to choose pillowcases that support your anti-aging efforts. Switching to a silk pillowcase will keep your skin from getting stuck on the fabric. With silk, the slippery material doesn’t have friction like cotton pillowcases. Another perk of silk over cotton is that the fabric won’t rob the skin of its natural moisture. The skin remains more hydrated, which will help improve the appearance of your face. Silk pillowcases also protect the hair during sleep. Hair remains smooth and moisturized with less frizz when you wake up.

Pillow care and premature aging

Although a specialized pillow will help prevent skin sagging and wrinkles, you will also want to consider how you care for your pillow and pillowcases. You need to properly care for cushions and other bedding materials if you’re going to protect your skin. For starters, you must routinely wash your bedding, and most standard pillows are not washable, even if they promote they are, if you have ever tried, they wind up misshapen. But at night your bedding comes into contact with dander, dirt, skin oils, and residual makeup. If you’re not washing your pillows or pillowcases, you expose your face to substances that could cause adverse skin reactions. Dirty pillows and pillowcases may increase skin inflammation as well as cause breakouts. The ideal advantage of memory foam pillows, is they don't harbor the dirt and bacteria, those nasty things don't live in memory foam as they can in cotton, feathers or polyester. Silk pillowcases also provide a bacteria free environment so you can get away with not washing them as often and still keep acne at bay. Not to mention, the benefits Silk provides while you more hair frizz, pulled out strands (sleep on a cotton pillowcase and count how many strands are left on your pillowcase in the morning!) and keeping your expensive nightly beauty products on your face, hydrating your skin night after night. 

Standard pillows will prevent you from truly revitalizing your skin while you sleep. An Anti-Aging beauty pillow will keep your skin hydrated with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. The specialized design also supports spine alignment to deter issues with your neck and spine. Sleep is the true fountain of youth but your pillow is the key to access it! 

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